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Triple-S is a six-year, multi-country learning initiative to improve water supply to the rural poor, led by IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Triple-S Dashboard responds to a felt need to be able to show, in a meaningful way how the Triple-S initiative is contributing to positive change in the countries where it primarily works - Ghana and Uganda Currently the Dashboard does not cover Triple-S work at the international level or other countries, such as Mozambique, in India and in Burkina Faso.

Through the Dashboard we track progress against the outcomes we plan to achieve as well as shifts in those plans in response to changing conditions. The dashboard includes data on our engagement with stakeholders, our outputs and their uptake, and the resulting outcomes. It also includes information on the costs involved. It complements the project’s website, which provides detailed information on concepts, activities, news and publications.

We have also made an attempt to track our progress against changes in the delivery of rural water services in the countries where we work. Although changes at the level of services are slow to manifest and represent the work of many people and organisations, we believe that it is possible to see correlations over time and to hold ourselves accountable for ensuring our actions translate into progress on the ground. Ultimately our work is not done until people in rural communities have water services that they can count on…not just for a few months, but for life.

To view the statistics on Ghana and Uganda, click on the map or select from the drop down menu.

If you have any comments or feedback to provide, do not hesitate to contact Christophe Nothomb, Triple-S Programme manager @: nothomb at

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